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Pray The Birds Come

They were doing a bird count in my neck of the woods

An annual event at the beginning of Spring

If the numbers fall short

There will be grave global wide concern

From America to the rain forests in the dark of Africa

It will upset the very balance of things

Putting the world’s equilibrium totally out of kilter

Soon the whole animal kingdom becomes adversely affected

The food chain faces a disruption of irreversible proportions

From tadpoles to mountain lions

Then finally… to humans

Until we are extinct

No more

Not even a memory

For there will be nothing left to remember us


(Photo by Mysticsartdesign on Pixabay)


6 responses to “Pray The Birds Come”

  1. And the February full moon is traditionally called the Bone moon or Famine moon by Native Americans.

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    1. I have heard of hunger moon and bony moon where food in the wild becomes scarce.


      1. That’s the one. February 5th this year.

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  2. We forget how delicate that balance is as we stomp carelessly through this world…..

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    1. So very true, Dawn. Seems everything that man touches has devastating effects on our world.

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      1. We certainly can be one of the worst invasive species, can’t we?

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