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Sleepy And Creepy

On All Hallow’s Eve

My doors are locked and curtains drawn.

All is dark and quiet around me.

I light a single oil lamp

and sit down to watch a creepy folktale

It takes place in the valley of Sleepy Hollow

an old Dutch settlement of yore

Superstitions and legends abound.

It is a tale of a school master with a most unusual name

a Mr. Ichabod Crane.

What happens to him is frightening

As he was not seen in town again.


(Image on Pixabay)


10 responses to “Sleepy And Creepy”

  1. I remember reading this! I also saw a very creepy version. Serious chills this morning!

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    1. It was always one of my favorites

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. 1999. That’s the film I remember.

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    1. I saw the one with Jeff Goldblum years ago. 1980 film.

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      1. Ooh! I need to see that!

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      2. Goldblum was perfect for the role being tall and lanky

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      3. More so than Depp.

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      4. Depp portrays characters in a very eccentric way. That’s his trademark

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      5. Eccentric Gothic. It really was pretty good.

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      6. I think I watched some of it a long time ago. I’ll check it out.

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