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Of Wild Moors

He was a country vicar

Raised 5 daughters and a son

The boy became an alcoholic

and died rather young

A bad case of consumption

TB and too much opium

Undernourished, they call it

When the body wastes and succumbs.

His sisters wrote novels

that were considered risque

Full of hunger, passion and rage

Rather shocking in their day

Even soldiers in the trenches

Had to put the book away

But the world could not get enough of

the wonderful sisters, Bronte.


3 responses to “Of Wild Moors”

  1. I remember this. I love the Brontë sisters.

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    1. I have a book about Branwell, the brother, written by the well known novelist, Daphne du Maurier. I need to read it.


      1. I think so. I know I would. I’m looking for my Brontës right now, myself.

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