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An Old Country Vicar

A massive vicarage in the country.

Dark and dreary are the barely furnished rooms

A lone figure with a candle

walks these ice cold halls.

The vicar, dressed all in black

is as somber as his vestments.

Often he sticks his pointy nose

in volumes of ancient books and Bibles.

Preaching solemnly to sinners

of a Savior who died for them.



10 responses to “An Old Country Vicar”

  1. He looks familiar…

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    1. George Herbert was an English poet, orator, and priest of the Church of England.

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      1. Cool! I’m on another hunt.

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      2. I was looking for a pic of an old vicar. Couldn’t find a good one. So this was it.

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      3. Welsh born Anglican ca. 1590s to early 1600s. Very interesting!

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      4. Maybe you could write a post about him 😉

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      5. I downloaded some of his poems first. Now we’ll see what tomorrow brings. 🙃

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  2. Sometimes you hit on something interesting and unearth beauty when you didn’t expect it, I sure never heard about him until now. Nice digging.

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    1. Lots of fun stuff to discover from that time period (1700-1800s)


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